Console Application Development, Windows,, C#, Java, VB

The vast majority of Information Technology workloads are initiated through some event triggered through a user interface (i.e. a "button click"), or an interface from an external data source.

Some workloads are initiated through a calendar event or some combination of conditions which are not realistic to identify in real-time.

A console application (also sometimes referred to as a "Batch Job") has no direct user interface but instead processes business rules against data stores and optionally launches notifications to other systems or individuals.

An example of a Pawtuckaway Solutions Console Application is a series of programs that run nightly in Azure (Microsoft's cloud), investigating nuclear engineering certifications and taking actions depending on employee status, expiration dates, warning periods, inactivity, etc. These actions can include de-certifying an individual in a specific skill, emailing them and/or their bosses about pending expirations, forcing re-certifications when the requirements of the skill are changed, and building a log that details all activity taken in a given run - including automatic text-message notification of support personnel when an error occurs.