Remote Work Solutions and Support

'May you live in interesting times' sounds like a blessing but is widely considered to be a curse.

An organization's ability to pivot and react quickly in an evolving environment is very important. As the current coronavirus (COVID-19) threat sweeps the world we face rapidly emerging safety orders from multiple authorities, while at the same time dealing with human resource and supply chain challenges as we work to comply with those orders.

We at Pawtuckaway Solutions have experience with many of the tools that can help you quickly transition your organization to a "remote-work" model;

  • Quickly stand up an online meeting for you
    If you need a meeting NOW we can set one up for you using resources we already subscribe to. Once the dust settles we can help you decide what services would be available for you going forward. There are many possibilities; GoToMeeting, WebEx, Google Meet (previously "Hangout") and more.
  • Train your staff how to host and manage online meetings for themselves
    Sounds simple but when the pressure is on it can be frustrating to not only run a meeting but also deal with unfamiliar technology. We can provide coaching so that you can get the most out of this technology; easily changing presenters, giving keyboard/mouse control (and taking it back!), NOT sharing resource that aren't intended for sharing, easily controlling audio, whiteboard, and in-meeting chats as well.
  • Take full advantage of tools already available
    Microsoft Office has a number of tools that may have looked like unnecessary clutter to you before, but can now be implemented to ease the transition to remote work
    • Built-in collaboration tools for Word and Excel
      Microsoft Office applications have been enhanced with considerable collaboration abilities. Gone are the days of having to break a report into different files so that each person can work on their own section. With built-in change tracking it is easy to see contributions by others, accept or reject changes, and more! '
    • OneNote
      If you've been a customer of Pawtuckaway Solutions, you have seen how we use OneNote to share all kinds of lists and documents with the team; Action Item Lists, Documentation, Meeting Minutes, Team Organization, and much more. OneNote is a great place to store and organize team materials with concurrent use and rapid synchronization.
    • OneDrive
      Cloud-based file storage has greatly improved a teams ability to work remotely and still collaborate. We can help guide you through appropriate use of these tools.
  • Virtual Private Networking
    Helping you navigate the complexities of using VPN to secure your data traffic, whether at home or in a coffee shop.

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